About Me

Hi, Its your boy Brady back at it again with my fire blogs. I’m going to tell you about my swag lifestyle to get to know me better. I am probably the biggest sports fan of all time. My mom says it’s a bit of a problem how much I watch sports but its all good. I love the Dallas Cowboys, Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, and pizza! There are many sports that I enjoy playing but I like hockey and baseball the most. They are pretty swag lit sports if I do say so myself. My boy Ty and I listen to Lil Yachty, he’s cool. My favorite video game in either NBA2k17 or madden17. One time I played those games for 7 hours straight and I’m pretty sure that’s unhealthy, but whatever! “So that’s basically it kids!” That quote is from Coach Kent Murphy, one of the biggest baseball legends of all time.  Have a nice day folks, drive safely and stay out of trouble on the internet. Finally got off the video games to go fishing on my lil’ boat!